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Take a look at the video below to see TactileWindow in action!

'One in five of those who have seen a digital video ad say they have made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item on the screen.'

TactileWindow is an interactive touch display system designed to draw attention, create interest and capture customer information whilst providing 24/7 access to your product or service information, even when your premises are closed.

This is beyond digital signage, this is about providing a fully interactive experience to your customers, enabling you to deliver all the information they want about your products quickly, efficiently and in a fun to use format. TactileWindow is particularly efficient as your window display is infinitely changeable, immediately, by you, as often as you choose. Want to run a marketing campaign? Is the latest 'Black Friday' coming up? Just press the button and all your outlets are instantly updated with your offers. Press again, and you're back to normal. All of this, whilst generating additional revenue into your business directly.

'Viewers constantly slowed down to take in the dynamic screens, spending 50% longer than for the static screens.'

Third Party Advertisment Support

Generate extra revenue with additional third party advertising.


Check out some of the industries we cover!

Clubs and Bars

Estate Agents

Create Interest

High Brightness sunlight readable commercial displays with through-glass touch technology will bring crowds to your shop front.

Provide & Capture Information

Customers can download product information directly to their phone, or use TactileWindow to request callbacks and sign up to mailing lists.

Link Across Branches

TactileWindow allows you to link all your stores together and update all your window displays as regularly as you like from anywhere in the world, at no extra cost.

Increase Sales

First, gain your customers attention and information with TactileWindow. Next, push products, offers & services to them using TactileWindow.

So what are you waiting for?

TactileWindow is perfect for pretty much any business. Put simply, if you have a range of products or services and a shop-front or showroom, then you will benefit from TactileWindow. We've already created several different applications for different industries, ranging from Letting Agents and Tourist Information Centres to Car Dealerships and Toy Shops. Or, ask for something more bespoke!

'47% of digital viewers recall seeing an advertisment on the screens.'

TactileWindow Digital Solutions

Interactive Kiosk Displays

Freestanding Interactive Displays

Wall Mounted Displays

Video Walls

High Brightness Monitors

Interactive Touch Screens

Tactile Window

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